A series of open letters…

14 Apr

To the owners of the only capsule hotel that admitted women in Japan,
Fuck you for closing.

Warm regards,


To my dead iPod,
Thank you for dying in the line of OCD playlists (aka one song on repeat*). I was considering a Viking funeral pyre but am instead donating your corpse to art.

Kiss me out of desire, baby, not consolation, etc.


p.s. Also, thanks for dying so I don’t have to look at the engraved wedding date on the back anymore. That was a considerate touch.

To my kind and gracious hosts in Tokyo,
Thank you for realising the wide eyed look of shock upon learning of my iPod’s demise could be turned into wide eyed look of shock by giving me a spare iPod you had hanging around the house.

Me love you long time, etc.


* said song is either “Under control” by the Strokes or “Details of the War” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Because, like me, you’re all about the details, right?

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