How to out yourself as a twit, another handy hint from Amoir

16 May

At Pellegrinis where I am slurping down a lovely latte from the lad who gives me free coffees:

Me: furrowed brow under the cap and listening to music.
Him: so what are you listening to?
Me: er….um…Bright Eyes.
Him: naaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..really? You mean that song by that guy, you know…what’s his name? Art Garfunkle?
Me: no, it’s…um…it’s a band.
Him: looks Amoir up and down. Some sort of Hip Hop, huh?
Me: um….it’s kinda….I listen to a lot of different music…it’s em– it’s acoustic.
Him: …that Art Garfunkle huh?
Me: yeah…

I am now officially this close to buying Panic! at the Disco and writing poems with overly long titles. Please be on the watch for “Manicuring the soul with the emery board of disco’s past”.

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