Recovering suprise

8 Jun

While it would be far nicer to find Paul Banks in my bed wearing nothing but a fresh carton of Russian Black Sobranies and sense of adventure, I’ll settle for recovered shots of time spent in the sublimely ethereal Mitaka.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I could tell you that I’ve been busy accomplishing great deeds for humanity like going back in time and nabbing Jack the Ripper, singlehandedly beating Stephen Hawking in a “Hell in a Cell” match or killing those responsible for Fido Dido and the scrunchie (cause you know it came from the same vat o’bubling evil). But that would cheapen what you and I share and — no, hush those pretty lips — I respect you too much for that.

It certainly isn’t in any way related to watching Godzilla films while eating vegemite toast on the couch wearing only a tshirt and knickers. Nu-uh. Not even.

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