15 Jun

To those who hate Winter: please do come in and enjoy a milky cup of SHUTTHEFUCKUP.

How are people inured to this season? I awoke this morning to rolling mists muffling a tardy morning sun. City lights twinkled through the haze and everyones‘ slumbers lingered in the air still.

As befits all lassies a-courtin‘, I dressed for my seasonal beau in a delightful ensemble (striped blouse, pneumatic bra, trousers, holey black boots, muji socks*, vintage jacket and elbow length red fingerless mittens for those playing at home) and my new cosmetic routine, lovingly prescribed by the Purdy Jane, before setting out for the dreamiest of slow gambols to the station.

A brief aside here: who on earth walks so quickly in the morning? T’will not do when in the middle of such a gorgeous morning when the mists cuddle Hotel Lindrum so beautifully and demand a pause in one’s shuffling. Note: this is also required when trying to juggle smoke and cup of milky tea while simultaneously trying to find the next perfect walking song [tm] via means of shuffle on the iPod.

Late in the afternoon, the fog returned thickened from the day. As Shrew and I clambered onto the tram, the mists curled around buildings and muffled the air. My beloved Pellegrinis was a steamy haze from the outside as the fiends huddled around their brews.

Further on, the ferris wheel was engulfed in the moist kiss of air with it’s random strays of coloured light betraying its presence while the yellow lights of the nearby bridge dotted out like morse code.

This city takes my breath away and makes me want to squeal like the Seagull.

Naturally, this means that tonight is the perfect night to stay in and take your lap top to bed, where you will also eat risotto, receive phone calls and read back issues of the New Yorker. Preferably without pants on.

Things to love: men who ring you to make you laugh so hard you drop the phone and other accoutrements. These men may answer to the name “Intoxicate(d) Dubliner“. That they call throughout the night to agitate and amuse in equal measure is part of their many charms, even though they refuse to be “schmoopy“.

By the by, there seem to be a few more of you reading. Surely by now one of you is going to offer to make me a cup of tea. It’s the right thing to do, given I’m confined to bed. I’M NOT WEARING PANTS, PEOPLE!

*if you love me, show it to me with muji socks, artwork or large amounts of cash.

One Response to “Gorgeous”

  1. Jenn June 17, 2007 at 12:35 pm #

    Ahhh another winter lover. I’m a slave to all seasons but getting out there and having your cheeks slapped red and your eyes sparkling? What’s not to love.

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