Things to love: staying out on a school night

31 Jul

If you’re feeling jaded and possibly a bit old, run out into the night looking as fabulous as you can. Skitter down the street, face first into the howling wind and jump on a tram to meet some friends to watch the exceptionally craptastically good Transformers film (in strict defiance of the Intoxicating Dub’s scorn). Laugh through the jokes, feel travel sick from the editing and special effects, scarf down your popcorn dinner and completely lose your shit when Megatron takes centre stage.

Then huddle in your friend’s car to smoke and squeal about annoyances before dashing out under a peppering of rain and sparkling stars before taunting the ever Intoxicating gent (as is every girl’s wont).

It’s at that point at 1am when you’re snuggling yourself into bed and looking at the amazing view from your bedroom window that you’ll realise that life is pretty damn good.

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