Amoir: has a certain target market

8 Aug

Let’s be honest for a moment. I’m looking so bad at the moment Britney Spears would look upon me with pity and say “dayam girl, you need yourself a makeover. And some cheetos.”

Seriously – psoriasis on the face, roots showing, unstraightened hair and no make up. Pair that with some trousers that have been hemmed solely with scissors, and it’s fair to surmise I’m really rocking the look favoured by people who prefer long and loud rambling conversations with themselves.

So imagine my surprise to hop on the train tonight and be stared at by a chap with lovely blue eyes. At first I thought my iPod was too loud (a common complaint but I will rock the system with my full bore savouring of “This Mortal Coil”). Then I thought it was morbid curiosity. But still the stares and smiles continued.

More awkward gazing happened as he stood and waited by the door. I tried holding his gaze for a moment and…well, this chap would win a stare-war. Why would he stare? Why twinkle those (admittedly gorgeous and clear) blue eyes for such a long time at a woman sporting frump chic?

And then I saw his notebook. It was literally covered in mad scrawls and scratchings. Often of repeated sentences. Aaaah, suddenly it all becomes clear: this chap enjoys a less densely populated reality to others.

Were it not for the insane and truck drivers, I would die a lonely, unvalidated and unwolfshistled woman. God bless you pervs and whackos, God bless each and every one of you.

One Response to “Amoir: has a certain target market”

  1. loise August 10, 2007 at 2:41 am #

    Oh Amoir. Had you been in Sydney not Melbourne he would have robbed you before you even got verification of his lunacy, trapped as you were in the headlights of his blue eyes. 🙂

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