And then they went on a picnic. But there were no sandwiches.

28 Aug

On a tram in Melbourne over the course of five minutes.

Him: “Hi.”
Her: “Hi.”
Him: “You’re really pretty.”
Her: “Thanks.”
Him: “Do you have a boyfriend?”
Her: “awwwwww nah.”
Him: “Want to be my girlfriend?”
Her: “Yeah.”
Cue much awkwardness for all of five seconds before they leap upon each other in pashtastic frenzy.

They then get off the tram together.

Other salient points to note:

  • She’s heavily pregnant woman in a tank top and no bra, letting hormones and gravity battle it out.
  • He’s could be best described as enthusiastically embracing a personal aroma not chosen by many.
  • They weren’t bored drama students trying to challenge society, just batshit insane.

This was how Abelard and Heloise hooked up, wasn’t it?

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