Reasons to love Turkish keyboards

30 Sep

The Effusive Complimentor is over in Turkey, resulting in this fantastically surreal email:

I put ýt to you, AGray: how can you faýl to love a cýty ýn whých a nýght market undeneath under one of the major brýdges consýsts almost entýrely of chop-chop tobacco and fýbre-optýc lamps?
Where you can be massaged all mornýng by a nubýle Russýan ýn a leopard-prýnt býkýný who wheezes emphysýmýcally wýth the effort?
Where you can round off the evenýng wýth a glass of fresh-squeezed pomegranate juýce?

It’s like getting an email from Chaucer.

Next week: Amoir gets a Facebook poke from Thomas Aquinas.

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