Street Art and the War on Terror

26 Oct

I was asked to contribute a photo to a book on street art coming out next month. That people ask me to contribute anything is amazing given my technique is to stick out my tongue and hope for the best. How is it they can expect a photo of Satta‘s brilliant work? Don’t they know I share more genetic markers with a tub of butter than homo sapiens?

Street Art and the War on Terror: The Images of Opposition: How the World’s Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq War

Bringing together a stunning array of anti-war, anti-Bush, and anti-Blair graffiti from the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Japan, and Australia, this gritty, controversial collection captures many unique images which have survived only a few hours between execution and clean-up. Including a chronology of opposition to the war organized by continent, and commentaries by the graffiti artists themselves, this work constitutes an essential record of political opposition since 9/11. Every major city is featured, including London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Baghdad, Tehran, Berlin, Munich, Marseilles, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, and more.

I also had a (admittedly crappy) photo up on Wooster Collective of the remarkable cratepeople who pop up overnight and bring smiles to the bleary morning masses.

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