Conversations with the Intoxicating Dubliner

3 Jan

….in which we tease each other in trying to pronounce towns from our respective homelands.

Amoir: G-u-n-u-G-u-n-u
Intoxicating Dubliner: GoonoooGoonooo
Amoir: heh, it’s GunahGoonooh.
Intoxicating Dubliner: Oh please, only the Australians would pronounce it two identical words differently.
Amoir: W-a-g-g-a-W-a-g-g-a
Intoxicating Dubliner: Hah! It’s WagAH Wagga!
Amoir: Nah, we just call it Wagga
Intoxicating Dubliner: *various cries of frustration*

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