The perfect day

19 Jan

A friend recently remarked that she sees a different Melbourne she never knew existed when we meander about together. We spent some days together to ease her broken heart (medical professionals take note: tapas, coffee and saunas cure all) and for me to show her my favourite lanes, some of which don’t smell of urine.

This is such a gorgeous city, filled with little pockets of delight. There are still so many places I’ve not visited, so many buildings left unexplored and far too many drinking establishments still on the “Amoir hasn’t yet ruined reputation there” list.

There are so many ways to have the perfect day here, so this is the first in a series.

Perfect Day
Bumble your way along on a steamy, balmy day through the city where the heat clings to you in waves of grey. Take care to skitter along all your favourite lanes and shortcuts – that 50cm of space between the two restaurants off Chinatown which lead onto the Greek Precinct – and stop the minute you see anything interesting, tacky, funny or strange.

Clamber up to the rooftop bar to see the model houseguest bartending and enjoy a complimentary mango/lime vodka and ciggie while gossiping and guffawing in the rain. Then buy a vinyl record next door before sitting in a Chinatown cafe eating dumplings and watching the rain, wishing to god you could have shared this perfect moment this perfect with the Goddess or the Intoxicating Dubliner. This is because there are some days that are so irresistibly perfect they actually leave you yearning rather than satisfied.

Naturally such feelings of wistfulness are remedied by buying kitsch and running off to the gallery where they will marvel at just how high your hair gets in the humidity while picking up gorgeous art.

The minute you think you can’t top this is the minute you pick up the Seagull and enjoy a spa and swim while the rain falls overhead. Just squeal in the perfection of it all.

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