Happy Australia Day Long Weekend

28 Jan

Here at the Palazzo del Polo Shirt, we’re a fan of the cultural cringe and the things that make us truly Australian. Like Tourettes.

For those international readers or who gestated in the 80s and beyond, this Renaissance man was our first celebrity chef. The other, Bernard King, preferred to mince and bitch on talent shows.

You may remember your favourite children’s shows. You may chortle, wipe a tear from your eye and ponder how they just don’t make them like they used to (consider how the Sesame St episodes from the 70s are no longer thought suitable for children).

You’re wrong.

They never made them like Australian kids shows where the stuffed puppets and suits were foul-mouthed louts hell bent on stirring the kids up (possibly between fags, beers and trying it on with one of the flustered female hosts).

Claude the Crow was possibly the meanest of all children’s show characters. In between insulting and plotting against Shirl’s Neighbourhood, his great delight in life was to collect used band aids, thus starting a kiddie craze of mailing in their used band aids. Not just drawings. They’d mail Claude the Crow, at his request, used band aids.

I have no idea why the blokes from Cop Shop turned up for the theme song either. Below are some bloopers.

From the nature lover: “I brought some delightful fish to show you….before I put them in the fry pan.”

This is how deeply awful some of these puppeteers were. These people had a hand in raising us as children. Naturally this should exonerate us for all our failings as adults.

To those who wear 80’s revival clothing: sorry you missed out on the good stuff. Why don’t you go be ironic somewhere, snicker at Vice do/don’ts and make a tshirt?

2 Responses to “Happy Australia Day Long Weekend”

  1. Kiki Russell Clarke January 28, 2008 at 10:04 am #

    Is it possible to wheeze and hyperventilate at the same time?? GOLD.

  2. Amoir January 29, 2008 at 2:18 am #

    Kiki “gday” Russell “gday” Clarke “see ya later hee hee”: it is possible to wheeze and hyperventilate at the same time, especially if you take my new course “How to get Amoir Lungs in 20 days with a pack a day”.

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