That time we hunted shark with expensive ice cream….

8 Feb

Once my sister and I were treated to ice cream at Sydney Harbour. It was during the 80s when the mere hint of cream was a bit high falutin, so we were giddy at the cone, cream, chocolate nut fabulosity (“these cost $1!”). Given it was the early 80s, you can safely assume we looked like the battlefield for a Ken Done / Dunlap Volley deathmatch.

As you can imagine, I was all over that ice cream like Heidi Fleiss on a whore sundae. This wasn’t an ice cream given to kids back then. It was like expecting thinned cordial and getting hot chocolate.

My sister, however, had other plans.

While my obsessions were focused around food, cartoons and changing my name to Hannah to be closer to Han Solo, hers were solely focused on one area: sharks.

And so she dropped her holy grail of ice creams into Sydney Harbour. To see if a shark would come and eat it. Because, quite obviously, sharks are known connisseurs of the sea’s abundant dairy produce.

Surprisingly, no sharks came.

I think she was expecting something like this:

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