4 Sep

Currently Sasspot Fatale is playing with a dating website. Naturally, my services are required to critique men (“That smile screams mother issues!”). When one gives a kiss, they can attach a reason for doing so. Normally they’re “Hi, we like similar things so let’s get together”.

I suggest we revisit this.

Here are Amoir’s online dating kisstroductions:

  • I don’t want to die alone. You don’t want to die alone. Let’s get together and not die alone together.
  • If you like stuff and I like stuff we should totally get together to awkwardly discuss stuff
  • I enjoy the dramatic stylings of Dick Wolf.
  • I like to momentarily relieve stranger’s need for validation by clicking cyber tokens of affection
  • I’m interested in blaming you for all my unhappiness in the future.
  • Are you in favour of making “Takin’ Care of Business” our special song?

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