What it takes to get Amoir angry

15 Oct

Remember how I bought The Smoke?

How it was going to revolutionalise my life but ended up an expensive coat rack?

It’s been a while between rides for the Smoke and I. This was because:

  1. I am lazy
  2. riding is exceptionally boring
  3. riding seems to focus on my inability to actually control my body
  4. it sometimes makes me faint and look like that chick from the Grudge

So, with this today being “Ride to Work Day” I was badgered by coworkers (not friends, friends would know better) to take part. I pumped up the bike tires and set out two sets of clothes in preparation.

Here’s what happened this morning in the first ten minutes.

  1. Have to repump the tires
  2. Fall off the bike twice. Within 5 metres of each other. In front of peak hour traffic.
  3. Chain bike to pole and storm off, filled with invective for the bicycling community.
  4. Regain cool by coffee boys giving me attention and smiles.

Now, here is me angry.

I look like a fat PJ Harvey.

Anyway, seriously, the bike is chained to a pole just near the CBD. If you want the damn bike it’s yours (if it’s still there, obviously). Email me if you want the code.

edited to add: it’s gone to a welcoming (if slightly stunned) friend.

One Response to “What it takes to get Amoir angry”

  1. Snarkattack December 29, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    it does ruin one’s hair somewhat. but there have been a couple of guys that have been “oh, so you ride?! hot!” giggle

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