Travel challenge #1, 2 & 3

4 Nov

So far, I have three travel challenges and I’ve still not even hit the road:

1. The Carry-On Challenge.
Given the amount of countries I’m visiting, I’m considering reducing the risk of lost luggage by only taking carry-on luggage. Now, this is going to be problematic given a) I can’t pack, b) I insist on being a flashpacker with way too much tech and c) I can’t pack but the thought of losing anything is too much. So how much can you scale back when you’re going through humid Asia and cold Europe, insist on taking 2 cameras, 2 journals and ephemera?

2. I’m going through approx 7 countries (some multiple times) within 30 days on a tourist visa. How can I assure Customs I’m a person of low attention span and not interest?
I watched “Border Security” for the first time last week and was struck by three thoughts: 1) it’s a nasty piece of State propaganda (I really should review it sometime) ; 2) my movements and adherence to the Carry-On Challenge are certain to arouse interest; and 3) I’m surlier than Oliver Reed in detox when in transit. All ideas written on the back of a boogie-board case welcomed.

3. There may be another country that requires visiting. This basically means London will be hit ninja-style when it was originally considered to be the main point for the freaking holiday.
London was THE place I had to visit. It has the most friends satelliting about in various states of (in)sobriety, there’s a meeting and there is even free accomodation. And galleries – did I mention galleries? A PLETHORA of galleries I’ve always wanted to visit? Because they’re there as well. But other things are tantalising me and the cheap flights and potential hijinx are too great to ignore. Prepare yourself for “Amoir’s Ninja Guide to London” on this blog soon. Your ideas for must-see London spots or ability to bend time greatly appreciated and warmly rewarded with a sincere “awwww, you pretty!”.

So, with 7 days to go and little accommodation sorted, allow me to acquaint you with how I usually prepare for travel:

The Amoir 6 Point Plan
1. Buy ticket. Generally on whim.
2. Do nothing until 2 weeks before or day of arrival
3. Peruse Flickr geo-tags for travel ideas
4. Lazily flip through guidebook and circle things I will do.
5. Make up hitlist of places to…uh…hit
6. Buy nicotine patches at airport and strap myself in for 8-20 hours of hating my fellow wo/man

I so have to get my shit sorted in the next 6 days.

One Response to “Travel challenge #1, 2 & 3”

  1. Hackpacker November 4, 2008 at 12:26 pm #

    Oh exciting!If you don’t want to sort accommodation and have little regard for comfort waht about couchsurfing?Give yourself a whole day in the British Museum – though this might be just cause I’m a history nerd.Re: one-bag-wondering, it can be tough with the liquids which includes “gels” like toothpaste unless you discard as you go or break the rule and check in a tiny tube – that’s be funny at evcery check-in desk.

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