How to confuse Amoir

15 Dec

Buying croissants. In a CAN.

No. Seriously.

Thankfully the delectable Sarah has photographic evidence from her own experience (a worthy blog to add to your subscriptions). I was too shocked to take photos when I saw them.

I was roundly mocked by the Dub and our gracious host for my reaction. I don’t think they’ve ever seen anyone lose it over the sight of croissants in a motherfucking CAN. Even Samuel L. Jackson would come out with a motherfucking monologue about its outrageousness. Then again, they didn’t have much to work with on their mock-list (1. Silly accent, 2. cooing at pretty streetscapes, 3. croissants in a MOTHERFUCKING can).

Now I want a croissant. Filled with bacon.

*claps hands imperiously*

*remains hungry*

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