*arches eyebrow @ 2009*

3 Jan

As the links at the end of this post will testify, I’m crap at devising resolutions for an upcoming year. Naturally, I’ve learned to even the odds by having the stock standard “I resolve to smoke more next year”. Because it’s nice to achieve, don’t you think?

Instead of listing a whole bunch of “goals” that will be spurned for another episode of Godzilla, I’ve decided to compile yet another completely random list of things I want to do or become within 2009 or before I die.

  1. Spend a month or more living with the Seagull in Tokyo.
  2. Watch and deride every top 100 list of films ever composed.
  3. Collect all the lovely cameras from the Lomographic Society as well as vintage.
  4. Fight for legislation that recognises “but he tried to make me play hackeysack” as a valid homicide defense.
  5. Hang out in a fale with the Seagull or anyone else who would annoy me after a week of intense contact (see, anyone) and international travel.
  6. Con some stupid bastard to give me an international job posting for 6 months or less.
  7. Develop a kickarse art collection
  8. Learn more about art
  9. Get a drivers license.
  10. Then own this car.
  11. Not only learn but actually keep my home clean.
  12. Um, and not only learning but actually keeping to a budget.
  13. See the Aurora.
  14. Redevelop the awesome body I had when younger but was too shy to appreciate
  15. And then get more clothes designed and made for me. Possibly by this delightful friend.
  16. Conquer New York.
  17. Finish the book & get published
  18. In yet another scam, potentially fool the world into paying me to write full time.
  19. Write more letters. That don’t devolve into bizarre stream of consciousness rants about Sean Ryder.
  20. Live in a warehouse apartment that streams in the sun, allowing the Seagull and I to recline at our leisure.
  21. Become even more of a gadfly cafe wanker.
  22. Never. Stop. Wearing. Black.
  23. Learn Japanese. Because I think I could embarrass myself even more if I learned the language.
  24. Visit Cuba and, while drunk on mojitos, get tattooed.
  25. Perfect spraycan technique to avoid derision.
  26. Spend time every week drawing.
  27. Write every single day.
  28. Spend some time working or volunteering in a gallery.
  29. Conquer London.
  30. Return those books to East Melbourne library.
  31. Be the sort of person who actually eats the lovely fresh fruit and vegetables languishing in the fridge.
  32. Control my alt+tab addiction.
  33. Not sit awake at 2am wondering how I would cope during a zombie epidemic.
  34. Live in a mad, rambling terrace house that is filled with laughter, music and clutter.
  35. Hang out with friends more.

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