Prattle update, or the post where I blather without argument and look slightly sweaty and confused.

22 May

For those who didn’t catch yesterday’s segment with Kelly Higgins-Devine and Spencer Howson, there’s an mp3 of our chat about Doctor Who and some accompanying linkage below.

I’ve been rewatching the current series and, along with some gloriously OCD members of the Intertubes, am gobsmacked with glee. Steven Moffat, Exec Producer on Doctor Who, is pulling a delightful perception filter on the audience.

In Plain Sight

Certain things have happened in plain sight that haven’t been extensively picked up on:

  • The 3rd floor? When the Doctor opened the crack in time and space, it sealed after Prisoner Zero escaped. The Doctor and Young Amy ran out to the landing, where a perception filter was hinted at behind the 6th door. But what about the stairs going up to the 3rd floor? With a big glowing light shining down? That turns off? In a building that looks like a two-story building?
  • Jack on, Jack off. In Flesh and Stone, the Doctor loses his Jacket to one of the Angels. After settling a forcibly-blind Amy to sit in the oxygen forest, he quickly returns and exhorts her to trust him and begs her to remember what he once told her as a child. It seemed like an afterthought from a harried Doctor.
  • Rory’s issue. The still regenerating Doctor bristled that there were no ducks in the duckpond before sorting through what he had seen and rushed to Rory (Amy’s fiance). Bleeding Cool (listed below) noted that during the Doctor’s image-sorting sequence, special attention was paid to Rory’s hospital pass. Which was issued in 1990, not 2010 (current time). Date of Issue and Date of Birth mixed up for a special shot or clue? By the way, No ducks in the duckpond” is the new “Bees are disappearing”

Timelines & Professor River Song

The Doctor is continually running late. Running late to see Amy not once, but twice. Running a month late to go and see Winston Churchill. Running in a backwards timeline in his relationship with Professor River Song. And yet when she needs him at a specific time? He is bang on time. Obviously, Professor River Song is central to the main arc, is somehow responsible for murdering someone (and they’re hinting it might be the Doctor) and is at the opening of the Pandorica, which brings me to…

Fairy tales

Moffat has talked extensively (see IO9 link below) on the power of fairy tales and the show as a modern fairy tale, the Doctor “a man who fights monsters but never becomes one”. In Moffat’s mind fairy tales and puzzles go hand in hand. So how will he solve the puzzle of this series? Is the Pandorica the ultimate puzzle? Or is it, as dismissed by the Doctor “a fairy tale”? It’s not the only time fairy tales have been mentioned, with the Doctor praising young Amelia Pond’s fairy tale name.


One of the recurring roads to salvation in this series is making a choice to remember. Mr Bracewell became human when he remembered his love for Dora Bella in “Victory of the Daleks”,  Amy is asked to trust the Doctor and remember in “Flesh and Stone” and the fleeing nation of Britain is saved once they reject to forget, saving themselves and “the Beast Below” (also aided by Amy following the Doctor’s advice to notice and remember everything). The menace of Silence approaching, wiping memories of Daleks (Amy) or fellow soldiers (Flesh & Stone) along with the continually-healing power to heal? Well, it’s a little bit interesting, isn’t it?

What does it mean?

No idea, quite frankly, as I’ve only regurgitated some links and random observations but it does mean I am now clapping like a manic dugong excitedly awaiting kippers and cigarettes. I’m loathe to make predictions midway through a creative arc helmed by an impossibly imaginative man, but it appears we’re leading up to another near-apocalypse where Amy’s ability to remember time as it should be could save the Universe. While Prof Song does something saucy and sneaky. Who has it in for the Universe? Possibly the new Daleks, who are so bright and shiny they look like they’ve boosted their genetic code by humping the 2011 kitchenware range from Alessi.


MP3 of our chat:–amy-gray-air.mp3

I09’s excellent coverage:

IO9’s interview with Steven Moffat about Fairy Tales:

Bleeding Cool goes into even more detail:

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