Traveling again

8 Feb

Some of you might think I have a problem sitting still, a suspicion that is no doubt confirmed by the news that I am travelling again. Along with a friend, who for the purposes of this post should be referred to as Soapy Tit Wank, are travelling through Japan and Europe for a month. Soapy is a delightful French friend who normally resides in the zombiefied wastelands formerly known as Dublin.

Together we will roam the lands, solve mysteries and scream profanities. I also hold deluded plans to write while I am away. Whether or not this will amount to anything is unknown but it is also a particularly useful (if pretentious) excuse to lie on a bed for a day.

I won’t do a daily update as I have with previous trips but will collate for each destination. I was going to take photos as part of a casual brief/arrangement I have with a photo agency but am so burnt out I’ve decided not to. Instead, I will concentrate on a rather rambling story I have in my head, mainly so I have more opportunities to sit at my lap top with a smoke and a coffee.

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