JPG response: Lana Del Rey as GQ Woman of the Year

11 Sep

My response?

For those that prefer their responses with words….

It’s not that GQ has Lana Del Rey naked. It’s not even that some faceless man is grabbing at her breast or jaw like he’s scavenging his way through a pile of marked down rotisserie chooks at the supermarket. It’s not even that they photoshopped the actual breath out of James Cordon. And yes, for those ready to break out their misandrist whine, I understand that GQ is positioned as a “MENZ ONLY NO BITCHEZ ALLOWED” magazine.

I’m just dreaming of the day that my work in aggressively arguing that spaceship interiors from 1970s films were the pinnacle of beauty is recognised and I am awarded with the “Ruining It For Everyone Awards”. I imagine, climbing up to the pedestal with my fellow award winners, only to realise the guys are allowed to wear their beige jumpsuits but I can only wear a necklace and thick smear of lipstick. And actually, I am so weak, I should sit on the floor and leave the men to stand up. Good stuff. Also, Cordon doesn’t want us playing with his chesticles so do I mind if some bloke goes for the reach around? Of course not. More the merrier, am I right guys? Guys?

The signal that men are for respect and admiration for their personality and career and women are for play is screechingly clear.

I realise sex sells but the disparity doesn’t make sense. Do men not buy men’s magazines if the blokes are not respectably attired? Have they not Googled “Matthew McConaughey shirtless” (783,000 results, btw)?  Does it alter our opinion of their manliness in any way? A cursory glance of Men’s Health covers shows an even 50/50 split between shirtless and shirted. A review of GQ covers shows a distinct preference for men to be clothed (preferably suits) bar this pearler from 2010’s 25 Most Stylish Men of the Year edition with a shirtless Johnny Depp on the cover.


There is something lovely to this shot – the sheen of approachability, the convivial wine and hand that reaches towards the reader, bringing them into the frame. Odd that a suit-happy title ditches the suits when it comes to the Style issue but it’s a nice message that style is not always about the clothes.

So why the disparity then? Why dressed, standing men and a naked woman on the floor? The answer is rather obvious and quite frankly, allow me to reiterate an earlier jpg where I cannot believe we’re still protesting/arguing this shit.

From an artistic viewpoint, while suits are amazing it’s a shame they’re missing out on exploring other shots with mean that are traditionally reserved for their female subjects.

2 Responses to “JPG response: Lana Del Rey as GQ Woman of the Year”

  1. kellyhdevine September 11, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    Think that’s Condon in the pic with LDR.

    It’s a Beavis & Butthead view of women masquerading as art/sophistication.

    • Amy Gray September 12, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      Apparently it’s the Art/Creative Director from GQ, according to LDR’s GQ speech.

      As an aside, I do enjoy referring to people by their initials.

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