The Outrage times, January 2013

31 Jan

Outrage is a popular online currency, bitcoin bile. It provides entertainment for the social media spectator and participant alike and content for digital and print mastheads.

I thought it might be interesting to note month by month what has been outraging us via social and online media. I will list what the most likely offensive contenders within Australia and, to some extent around the world. There will be little to no analysis and scant professionalism, with this page subject to change based on whim, style, changing definitions or someone pointing out any (doubtlessly many) mistakes I make.  Consider them a draft, the wobbly first steps  of an (potentially) ongoing series making its shambolic debut. If you have any suggestions, please contact me via the comments or peskyfeminist(at)gmail and they may be included.

This is also completely different to the Conversation’s Australian Twitter News Index because it seems to be run by a smart and methodical person. It’s crayon chaos here in comparison.

But first, a definition:

Media outrage 
Manufactured or spontaneous outrage over news item or event covered by digital or print mastheads. It can be a public response or deliberate form of communication (e.g. Fox News) to create a public response. Outrage is a reaction or deliberate communication model (e.g. Fox News) and not just shocking news.

Australian Life 

Australian Politics


Media Ethics 

World News

Please note that the bushfires and flooding have not been listed above as they didn’t meet the criteria of an outraged response – if you think I have missed something there, please share your thoughts and a link via peskyfeminist(at)gmail or  mention them in the comments below.

Meanwhile this January (user submitted): 

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