Reddit’s Doxxing Paradox [Popehat]

6 Feb

Reddit’s Doxxing Paradox [Popehat]

Interesting post over at Popehat about Reddit’s opposition to doxxing (where someone is publicly identified). Ken postulates on some reasons why the contradiction exists and spends some time deconstructing arguments surrounding  why ViolentAcrez’s unmasking was decried but the Applebee’s religious nut and tip-note-leaver was celebrated.

Why the disparity? It could be because we don’t normally want to exert ourselves to protect the rights of someone unlikeable. Whatever your view of ViolentAcrez (known for some truly horrible commentary and sub-reddits), he did/does have a large number of admirers and supporters who are still angry with Gawker Media for outing him. Contrast that anger with the same community apparently at ease with the customer being outed and there lies a very big contradiction.

It’s hard work defending the rights of those you dislike. Debating issues or engaging in activism is hard work as it is and, often times, it can be easier to defend your own rights and any perceived transgressions.

I wrote on a similar topic a few months ago when an accused rapist and murderer’s right to sub-judice was decried as “archaic” by someone involved in fighting against data retention.

I think the point still stands.

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