Recent keyboard bashings, or articles I have recently written

19 Apr

I’m updating the work section of the site more but thought I would share the latest articles I have written about the place.

ABC > The Drum > Removing the gloss from the ‘retro wife’
ABC > The Drum > Everyone wants equality for women, but…
Fairfax > Daily Life > Raising Girls as victims
Fairfax > Daily Life > Girls Gone Wild, a eulogy
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Puke, pregnancy stereotypes, parenting fears and more: Monica Dux’s ‘Things I Didn’t Expect’
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Turning Children Into Readers
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Here’s a tip – how to avoid unwanted advice
Fairfax > Essential Baby > How to be an amazing Uncle or Aunt
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Locking up pregnant women
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Female-Friendly policies not enough
Fairfax > Sunday Life > Social Media Detox
King’s Tribune > Miranda Devine and the cloven hooves of feminism

I’m doing radio again! An absolute joy! Weekly segment to discuss feminism with Angus on Radio Adelaide’s morning show. I share resident feminist duties with Stephanie Honor Convery from Overland Journal every Tuesday morning around 7:45am.

I’m thrilled to be part of the Emerging Writer’s Festival this year and will be talking at some masterclasses and also a judge for the Innovation prize.

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