Top 20 women to follow on Twitter – the Shake

29 May

There are some marvelous women collated into this list of “Top 20 women shaking things up on Twitter” from the Shake and there are some omissions, which happens whenever you pen a list.

If you’re interested in following more damnably smart and hilarious Australian women, here are some extra whose tweets I constantly favourite or just awkwardly admire from afar:

  • Nareen Young – CEO of Diversity Council, Australia
  • Leena van Deventer – Co-Director of WidgetAU, for women in Development.
  • Mariam Veiszadeh – Lawyer, Community Rights Advocate and ambassador for Welcome to Australia
  • Brocklesnitch – pretty much the most loved person on Twitter for a reason and a wonderful writer.
  • Sunili Brown – writer, law advocate with interest in gender, politics and refugees.
  • Alison Croggon – poet, novelist, critic and all-round sense talker.
  • Karen Pickering – brought Slutwalk to Melbourne and feminist talk shows to the pub with Cherchez La Femme.
  • Hilary Bowman-Smart – one to keep an eye on as a rising, irreverant and extremely effective voice for feminism.
  • Professor Sarah Joseph – cool-headed Human Rights scholar and Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law at Monash.
  • Kate Carruthers – she basically is the internet and aggregator of animals, links, informed discussion and curiosity.
  • Monica Dux – co-author of the Great Feminist Denial, indefatiguable columnist and Stella Prize boardmember.
  • Courtney Hocking – fearless and funny.

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