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14 Jun

It’s been kinda busy of late but ramping up to get even busier which is great news for productivity but really bad news for my attention span and my simple dream to be at one with a steam mop.


I took part in a few sessions at the Emerging Writer’s Festival, which was amazing fun. I presented at the Writer’s Masterclass and discussed self-promotion and marketing, which was a foil for me to put as many jpgs as possible into one PowerPoint file. I then admitted to Bethanie Blanchard and the audience that I drunk-buy domain names.

The under 25s session for Express Media at Signal went well and they were all very patient about sitting through a 60-slide presentation taking them through the intricacies of pitching by format & style, writing rules to live by and how to keep pressing on when things get hard (hint: they pretty much will be forevers, ok? Now sit by me and have a comforting [spiked] cup of tea).

I was also on the judging panel for Express Media’s innovation grant. Not only was it wonderful to see all the fantastic projects and minds working together to push boundaries, it was fantastic to see fellow judges so committed to finding and arguing for the best (while quietly marvelling at the brilliance of the projects).

Coming up, if you’re a fan of television, sitting and unlikeable people (and you’re reading this so it’s a given), you should come to ACMI’s Live in the Studio to discuss the tv series Enlightenment. The panel includes Elmo Keep and Ronnie Scott. Tickets are available online now.


I’ve started writing for two new mastheads which is incredibly exciting – the Sydney Morning Herald’s Life&Style section and the Guardian. Finding great editors who will publish your work is always a massive boon, even luckier still to develop relationships and work on improving your style. I’ve been incredibly lucky thus far to work with some smart and questioning editors.

Fairfax > Essential Baby > The Kate Winslet double standard
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Mother’s Index: making Australia better
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Evangelical overseas adoption

Fairfax > Life&Style > Hitchhiking with my daughter
Fairfax > Life&Style > When women want more sex
Fairfax > Life&Style > When friendships fade
Fairfax > Life&Style > Bring back the nap
Fairfax > Life&Style >When Mother’s day makes you sad

Guardian > Jill Meagher’s murder: our legal system is letting women down

King’s Tribune > Game of Bones
King’s Tribune > Commander Hadfield comes back to Earth


Pace has increased with major plot points resolved and a new writing buddy so we can give each other deadlines and feedback.


Still chatting on radio and enjoying the experience. Recent chats include Statewide with John Morrison ABC NSW to discuss “the gender card” and politics and another chat with Murray Wilton 2UE, this time to justify my love of napping with SCIENCE.

I’m also still having fortnightly chats with Angus on Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast show to discuss  feminism.

When I update these things, it’s always with a desired sheen of productivity and professionalism. Despite this, I can’t help but sabotage this desire and highlight how some writers (i.e. me) are just making it up as they go along, trying to dogood work, learn from mistakes and hoping for the best and future opportunities through the generosity of writers and editors while hiding their (i.e. my) shabby ways. Like taking a headshot selfie for a news org 15 minutes before filing by throwing a jacket over my pajamas and the fact I’m sitting here right now avoiding the weekly pitching work and three deadlines while rocking the Peter Buck 1986 look in a dressing gown, scary hair and cigarette draped out of my mouth…because I’m worth it.

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