‘Boys don’t read’ – tackling gender and literature

15 Aug

Great piece by writer and educator Craig Hildebrand-Burke over at Momemtum.

My big issue with all of this is that the discussion seems to be around making sure boys are reading. So long as they’re reading, we’re happy. If it’s about sport, doesn’t matter. Still reading, right? After all the struggling, a boy finally takes to a book and we sigh with relief and have a lie down. Phew. The boy’s reading. Thank god. Do we care what he’s reading? Hell no. Just that he is. We’re so wrapped up in the process that we don’t worry about the result. We might as well give them all American Psycho. Words on a page. Literacy skills. Come on, it’s all good.

The question shouldn’t be why don’t boys read. Instead: why do we expect (and force) boys to only read a certain type of book?

This is a must read for parents, teachers and writers.

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