Recent work

10 Oct

It’s been an interesting time of late, as is often the case when one works as a freelance writer.

There’s been more speeches and presentations than actual writing, which is a hugely fun new area. I travelled up to Stawell with illustrator Ben Hutcho and, in between the screaming of favourite Japanese monsters that occurs between new acquaintances, we did workshops with rural kids. I chatted with them about the monomyth and three act structure. It was also a huge pleasure to head over to Aquinas and present on gender stereotypes and popular culture with some year tens where I got to reference “down to clown”, which should really keep that working with children check held up for another month.

I got to take part in the National Young Writers’ Festival up in Newcastle, which I call Recentcastle, and had a great time testing myself by doing more speeches, facilitating a panel, falling down in pubs and throwing my lime green zombie stomper stilletos at friends. If you happen to see a photo of me with my “tits out for Miley” remind the person that what happens at NYWF stays at NYWF. Thanks.

The speech at ACMI went well and another is scheduled for next week. We’re discussing “Bad Girls” of music and I’ve taken this as another opportunity to scream at people about Azealia Banks, this time with added Miley Cyrus. Tickets are available online. I’ll pop the text to my previous speech online later this week. My tits weren’t out in that one, but I make no such promises for Bad Girls.

Anyway, here’s a list of recent work that I’m either proud of or ballsed up but enjoy the message/concept. More available over at Peskyfeminist/Work

Guardian > Where were Labor politicians when single parents needed them?
Guardian > Should actors really have to suffer for their art?
Guardian >  ‘Titstare’ app at Techcrunch: women in tech deserve better
Guardian > If you can’t run a car forum without ‘tit banter’, you have no place in politics
Guardian > How to recover from a sexting scandal
Guardian > A celebrity-led video campaign isn’t enough to tackle domestic violence

King’s Tribune > Nothing Compares 2 Idiots
King’s Tribune > Game of Bones
King’s Tribune > Miranda Devine and the cloven hooves of feminism

ABC > The Drum > Who will ‘stand with Wendy’ on Australian abortion rights?

Fairfax > Essential Baby > Why girls shouldn’t play nice
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Asking tough gender questions
Fairfax > Essential Baby > The Kate Winslet double standard

Fairfax > Life&Style > Japanese Dating Sims
Fairfax > Life&Style > Hate reading
Fairfax > Life&Style > Don’t you know who I am?
Fairfax > Life&Style > In defence of vices
Fairfax > Life&Style > Sex, cats and introverts: what makes the internet go round
Fairfax > Life&Style > Crotch shots: why do men send them?
Fairfax > Life&Style > Shark cage idea helping empower women
Fairfax > Life&Style > Sex workers deserve an end to discrimination
Fairfax > Life&Style > Happiness: not to be taken for granted
Fairfax > Life&Style > The rise of revenge porn
Fairfax > Life&Style > Reclaiming the F-word: fat
Fairfax > Life&Style > Hitchhiking with my daughter
Fairfax > Life&Style > When women want more sex
Fairfax > Life&Style > When friendships fade

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