On your fear of false rape accusations

4 Mar

I am so damned sick of (not all) men getting loudly alarmed about false rape accusations and claiming that even the 1-8% wide variance is too high and demanding more statistical or ontological (was it false rape or unsubstantiated rape complaints?) breakdowns from me.

So here you go:

A 2000-2003 Victorian report found that 2.1% of 850 rape complaints were false complaints. That’s 17.85 complaints against presumably 17.85 men over three years.

During that time (Aust):
* Only 15% of men accused of rape went to face trial.
* At least 40% plead guilty
* But that remaining 60%?
– around 10% are acquitted
– around 15% are found not guilty
– the rest, well, the prosecutor gives up half way through.
– In fact, your best statistical chance of a guilty verdict in a rape trial is to be a male      victim attacked by a male perpetrator.

Added to all of this is that less than 20% of Australian women actually report rape in the first place.

But no, tell me more about the scourge of false rape accusations. Tell me more about those poor 17.85 men.

One Response to “On your fear of false rape accusations”

  1. Michelle March 4, 2016 at 9:32 pm #

    Thanks for continuing your blog, Amy. Although I don’t comment much, I always find it illuminating.

    This week’s This American Life episode, “Anatomy of Doubt”, offers a case study of appalling police practice which sheds light on why some women don’t report rape.

    You can listen here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/581/anatomy-of-doubt

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