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You’re not the first to be sexist but do you really care?

4 Sep BMW used car advertisement    "You know you're not the first but do you really care?"

Apologies for the tardiness of this post (Wendy Tuohy referred to it in March and others far earlier), but here’s another entry for “so glad this whole sexist culture thing is a myth and there’s no reason for feminism okay?” files.

The ad is for used cars:

BMW used car advertisement    "You know you're not the first but do you really care?"

BMW used car advertisement    “You know you’re not the first but do you really care?”

Firstly, I’m really sorry you guys. My vagina doesn’t have that new car smell.

Were Apple about to market reconditioned iPads with a guy spent from exertion asking me to “just gimme a minute, then I’ll be good to go”, I wouldn’t buy it. Even without notions of gender attached, it’s not the greatest marketing angle to pursue.

It really reminds me of those awesome people who love cars a little too much:

Man says he is in serious relationship with his car, then snogs it. END SCENE.

This man really loves his car


And also that person who drew many, many drawings of dinosaurs who loved cars a little too much. You can google that one yourself because I’m not going to poison my Google Search history or start getting hits from people who love dinoauotrotica.

I love cars. I realise why other people love cars. I also really love ads and will giggle everytime a favourite ad comes on. I watch infomercials and think I’m on record as really loving the idea of having a steam mop in my life. I’m predisposed to liking and embracing advertising.

Obviously, the thought of my sexual availability and purity being likened to a used car is great, especially given I’ve heard a few variations of the “you’d only have yourself to blame if you left your car unlocked and it got stolen” rape analogy. If I combine the two, I learn that in order to protect my Datsun 200B from bad people who want to hard wire me, I need to protect myself with a steering wheel lock and only park on the good side of town…JESUS, WHY IS IT SO TIRING BEING A LADY-VAGINA-CAR?

The ad is stupid and sexist but it’s interesting to see it recycled across the internet, as so many things are under the guise of something new and offensive. In fact, beloved film reviewer Roger Ebert linked to it today erroneously stating it was German (it’s Greek) and suggesting it may be false.

From what I can gather, the ad (created by BBDO Greece) first appeared over in Greece around 2008. It created quite a furore at the time though one woman declared it was culturally appropriate for the 15-as-age-of-consent Greece but not puritanical America, which somewhat misses the point of the tagline and suggests that perhaps the continental market is more fun. A used car dealership in Ontario then used the same tagline but with a photo of Tom Ford.

In the end, not a new ad, just the same old sexist “women as inanimate vagina pinata” schtick.