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ABC > The Drum > Who will ‘stand with Wendy’ on Australian abortion rights?
ABC > The Drum > Removing the gloss from the ‘retro wife’
ABC > The Drum > Everyone wants equality for women, but…
ABC > The Drum > I’m outraged by your outrage
ABC > The Drum > Why I hate blogs
ABC > The Drum > Shouting at the explicit sky

BBC > Travel > Cinetastic
BBC > Lonely Plant > Travel rituals
BBC > Lonely Planet > Poets in a Landscape
BBC > Lonely Planet > Japan’s Visual Onslaught

Fairfax > The Age > Secret footballer reveals all about what the AFL teaches on sex, women and social media 
Fairfax > The Age > Abortion reform: a bargaining chip – again?
Fairfax > The Age > Blame the victim attitude yet another blow

Fairfax > Canberra Times > Cost of Tony Abbott’s PPL scheme is just too damn high

Fairfax > Daily Life > Raising Girls as victims
Fairfax > Daily Life > Girls Gone Wild, a eulogy
Fairfax > Daily Life > Egg donation
Fairfax > Daily Life > Why single mums make us uncomfortable
Fairfax > Daily Life > Does rape justify revenge?
Fairfax > Daily Life > Cult of the selfie
Fairfax > Daily Life > Mothers, take off your capes

Fairfax > Essential Baby > Finding the woman inside the mother – Essential Baby
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Why girls shouldn’t play nice
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Asking tough gender questions
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Myths and realities of domestic violence
Fairfax > Essential Baby > The Kate Winslet double standard
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Mother’s Index: making Australia better
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Evangelical overseas adoption
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Puke, pregnancy stereotypes, parenting fears and more: Monica Dux’s ‘Things I Didn’t Expect’
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Turning Children Into Readers
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Here’s a tip – how to avoid unwanted advice
Fairfax > Essential Baby > How to be an amazing Uncle or Aunt
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Locking up pregnant women
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Female-Friendly policies not enough
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Inspiring books for girls
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Philosophy: the answer for curious kids
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Target ‘trampsteria’ taken too far
Fairfax > Essential Baby >Guilt of the working mother
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Breaking the cycle (Slutwalk)
Fairfax > Essential Baby > Slutwalk

Fairfax > Life&Style > Japanese Dating Sims
Fairfax > Life&Style > Hate reading
Fairfax > Life&Style > Don’t you know who I am?
Fairfax > Life&Style > In defence of vices
Fairfax > Life&Style > Sex, cats and introverts: what makes the internet go round
Fairfax > Life&Style > Crotch shots: why do men send them?
Fairfax > Life&Style > Shark cage idea helping empower women
Fairfax > Life&Style > Sex workers deserve an end to discrimination
Fairfax > Life&Style > Happiness: not to be taken for granted
Fairfax > Life&Style > The rise of revenge porn
Fairfax > Life&Style > Reclaiming the F-word: fat
Fairfax > Life&Style > Bring back the nap
Fairfax > Life&Style > Hitchhiking with my daughter
Fairfax > Life&Style > When women want more sex
Fairfax > Life&Style >When Mother’s day makes you sad

Fairfax > Sunday Life > Social Media Detox

Guardian > Mothers to pay more in student debt: that’s Australia’s sexism for you
Guardian > Melbourne may be the first smoke-free city but at what price?
Guardian > Where were Labor politicians when single parents needed them?
Guardian > Should actors really have to suffer for their art?
Guardian >  ‘Titstare’ app at Techcrunch: women in tech deserve better
Guardian > If you can’t run a car forum without ‘tit banter’, you have no place in politics
Guardian > How to recover from a sexting scandal
Guardian > A celebrity-led video campaign isn’t enough to tackle domestic violence
Guardian > Julia Gillard: damned if she knits, damned if she doesn’t
Guardian > Jill Meagher’s murder: our legal system is letting women down

Junkee > Godzilla film review
Junkee > Five ads that prove Thai Life Insurance commercials are the saddest commercials ever
Junkee > Sherlock Holmes and the case of the missing plot

King’s Tribune > Bitch: a history
King’s Tribune > Nothing Compares 2 Idiots
King’s Tribune > Game of Bones
King’s Tribune > Commander Hadfield comes back to Earth
King’s Tribune > Miranda Devine and the cloven hooves of feminism
King’s Tribune > The Culture of Offence
King’s Tribune  > Having It All

Sydney Opera House > Ideas at The House > Feminism: One size fits all?

Powells > Guest blogger
Weldon Owen > Templar, Five Mile Press & Candlewick >How To Be A Vampire

Also, photos in Street Art and the War on Terror: How the World’s Best Graffiti Artists Said No to the Iraq War.

Radio (sporadic)

Drive with Kelly Higgins-Devine ABC Qld – regular spot to discuss popular culture
Drive with Rafael Epstein ABC Vic – one off to discuss popular culture
Statewide with John Morrison ABC NSW to discuss “the gender card” and politics
Murray Wilton 2UE – one off to discuss Daily Life article about single mothers and SMH piece about napping.
Mornings with Radio Adelaide – regular segment to discuss feminism. In this example, I discuss the World Health Organisation’s report into violence against women.

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